Specializing in Rare Breed Natural Colored by Nature Big, Extra Large and Huge real Sheepskin fur Throw Rugs for your home or hound! Also hand making unique one of a kind Luxury Genuine Leather Dog Beds
Natural Sheepskins no dye

Why Genuine Leather Dog Beds?

Our Genuine Leather Dog beds are tested and used by our dogs! 8 German Shepherds, yes 8! They're durable, smell fantastic and don't hold smells, dust or danger allergens!

Say GOODBYE to allergies, dust, stinky smells, dog dander, dog hair weaved into fabric bed and having to wash & vacuum your dog bed all the time! Full Grain Genuine leather not only makes great furniture for humans it also makes an amazing surface for your dog to sleep on! These beds are amazing for us folks with allergies, they're also very helpful for pets with allergies too! Just wipe down every once in a while with a damp cloth and you're good to go! Who wouldn't want to stop washing dog beds while improving the quality of your indoor air. It's a known fact that cloth fabric harbors dust which aggravates indoor allergies with Dust Mites and Pet Dander being the leading indoor allergens in homes.

Each bed is hand cut, hand sewn by me in my home. Some beds that I have already made are available for sale below but I would also be happy to make a custom size for your dog. I can also customize the foam thickness as well as density (soft support vs firm support depending on what your dog prefers).

We love our leather dog beds in our home because it keeps the air much cleaner & less "doggy"! I believe you will too! For older or arthritic dogs I recommend topping off the bed with one of our luxurious sheepskin pelts.

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Theses beds are Genuine Full Grain Leather NOT, faux leather, bonded leather or top train leather all which fail way too soon! No flaking leather which often happens with bonded leather sofas, this is genuine full grain leather through and through. Thick of an old pair of cowboy boots worn for a decade or more working on a ranch or a horse riding saddle, real leather made to be used! Of course quality comes with a price but it will last so much longer and age beautifully!

Our Sheepskins listed as "dog beds" are ones we highly recommend as a dog mat or topper due to their softness & density but any sheepskin can be used as a dog bed topper, dog bed or mat!