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Specializing in Rare Breed Natural Colored by Nature Big, Extra Large and Huge real Sheepskin fur Throw Rugs for your home or hound! Also hand making unique one of a kind Luxury Genuine Leather Dog Beds
Natural Sheepskins no dye

Welcome to Kavallerie Kreations!

We are importers of Sheepskin Fur Throw Rugs from small family tanneries in Europe NOT large factories which are threatening small local tannery businesses around the world. Sadly so many BIG NAMES in the industry are now exclusively importing sheepskins for re-sale from huge factories in China.We will only support small family owned businesses around the world not big corporations monopolizing the industry. Our goal obviously is not to sell cheap sheepskins and make lots of money fast it's about offering quality and supporting small unique businesses before the trade becomes a lost art. We truly believe in and being self sustaining, nothing more. We already have everything we need and want in life besides things we have no control over and I'm fine with that:-)

The tanneries we work with only practice eco friendly tanning with the processing of our sheepskin hides. All the sheepskins sold by us come from herds where the animals are utilized for milk, cheese and meat. So the sheepskin fur is ethicly sourced and not only grown for their wool fur!!!!!! The Sheepskins are a byproduct that would otherwise go to waste. Our primary stock consists of XL sheepskin pelts which are from older sheep stock.

Although we only sell "Sheepskin Rugs", many people find sheepskin is wonderful to lay on, sit on, sleep on, use as a rug, home decor, a decorative piece in almost any room in the house! Sheepskin benefits are extensive in the aged and the chronically ill. Dogs & cats also adore sheepskins when used on their beds as toppers or as mats they can sleep on.

Some of the benefits sheepskins are notable for:

  • Temperature regulation in the hot and cold
  • Bacteria, Dirt, stain, water & dust resistant.
  • Self cleaning when hung out in the fresh air!
  • Improves circulation
  • Article: Prevents pressure sores in the bed ridden Read the scientific study here! http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=
  • Article: Reduces the risk of asthma in babies, don't believe me? Visit Science Daily! https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/09/140908083750.htm
  • Sheepskin is naturally flame resistant
  • Sheepskins are anti-static unlike their synthetic counterparts.
  • Soothes and keeps sensitive skin dry
  • SSheepskin is sustainable & completely biodegradable in a short amount of time compared to synthetic items which will take hundreds of years to return to the earth once disposed of!
  • this list could go on and one but above are the primary benefits!!! Sheepskin is the item you never knew you couldn't live without!
  • Featured Items

Rare Breed Dutch Sheepskin area rug throw
Price: $410.05
Black curly icelandic sheepskin rug
Price: $99.00
Ultra silky soft, smooth and dense sheepskin rug
Price: $110.00
Rare Breed Dutch Sheepskin area rug throw
Price: $410.05
57" HUGE VERY thick Natural Sheepskin Rug
Price: $185.00
Rare Breed Spotted Jacob Sheepskin rug 3
Price: $125.00
Naturally spotted ultra silky smooth sheepskin dutch rug
Price: $125.00