Specializing in Rare Breed Natural Colored by Nature Big, Extra Large and Huge real Sheepskin fur Throw Rugs for your home or hound! Also hand making unique one of a kind Luxury Genuine Leather Dog Beds
Natural Sheepskins no dye

What Determines Sheepskin Softness?

Age, bottom line. The smaller the hide the softer the fur, with lambskin being the softest of them all. The Large and extra large sheepskins are a bit more coarse and hair a bit longer due to the age of the sheep. We do our best to describe each and every sheepskin hide we offer for sale so you see and know exactly what you're getting prior to purchase.

If you have additonal questions, never hesitate to send us an email! We'd be happy to help!

Icelandic sheepskin rugs have less hair per square inch than their counterparts, this makes them feel fluff & light with finer hair.