Specializing in Rare Breed Natural Colored by Nature Big, Extra Large and Huge real Sheepskin fur Throw Rugs for your home or hound! Also hand making unique one of a kind Luxury Genuine Leather Dog Beds
Natural Sheepskins no dye

What makes us and our sheepskin different than all the other sheepskin throw rug sellers in the USA?

  1. We DO NOT purchase sheepskin products from large conglomerates and only work with small family run businesses and tanneries which are at a high threat of being put out of business by large corporations monopolizing the market. Look what's happened in the USA, we have VERY few tanneries left here! Yes you will get a cheap sheepskin rug from the big name sellers importing from China at a super low price and if that's what you want, great! We could easily offer this too, but choose not to.
  2. Our primary specialty is rare NATURAL (no dyes used) sheepskin throw rugs. Most all sheepskins in the US today are all tinted or dyed to give them a uniform color and look. Keeping sheepskins natural makes them easier to clean, gives each individual sheepskin hide a unique look that makes them one of a kind and they're not cut in a basic sheep pattern to make them all look the same. Granted there are a handful of local farms that DO have their hides tanned and kept natural and I encourage you to seek them out if that's what you seek!
  3. We provide down home, personable responses when you have questions or need help selecting the rug you want! You're talking to the owner/operator not a person paid to give you generic answers in which they know nothing about! We want your business, we want to see you happy and we'd love for you to come back for more because you love what we offer and what we stand for!

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